Customized Inserts

At Closets 941 located in Sarasota and Bradenton, Fla., our company’s specialty is designing customized closet inserts. If the closets in your home are too small to hold everything, then contact our company to have movable systems created that help with organizing possessions. You can expand the amount of storage available in a closet with the correct partitions and drawers. A utility closet is a fantastic place to store seasonal items such as holiday decorations, sporting equipment or clothing, but it can become a total mess when it is disorganized.

Adjustable Systems

If you are stacking cardboard boxes or plastic totes in a storage area, then it is impossible to use the entire space. The totes and boxes will break when stacked too high, and you risk an injury when trying to place the items on top of each other. To utilize the storage area optimally, you need a design with precisely measured shelves and cubbies. With this type of system, you can label each space to make finding things fast and easy. With the closet storage systems created by the technicians working for Closets 941, you can adjust the rods and partitions as your needs change.

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