Tips For Closet Design On A Budget

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Looking at home renovation and styling shows on HGTV can leave you with the itch to reorganize your living space, but if you’re like most of us, you are doing it on a budget. 

It would be awesome if we could transform a two-bedroom bungalow into a spacious zen-garden retreat with all the fixins, but it’s not always possible to do so. What can we do to reclaim our home and refresh our living space on a budget?

For many of us, organization is not a strong suit, either. With busy families, busy kids, and lots of clutter, it can feel overwhelming to have to deal with it all. Having the organizational storage space to manage everyone’s personal belongings is an issue we have all had to deal with as well; what can be done to make our homes look and feel fresh and clean?

Perhaps it’s as simple as taking a look at redesigning a closet or two. Could it really be that simple? We promise we’ll stick to your budget as you read on and find some ways to recreate the look and feel of the most luxurious homes to be found on HGTV for pennies on the dollar.  Read on to see just how you too, can redesign your storage space on a budget:

Evaluate what you need…and what you don’t.

Taking a good look at your belongings before you start rearranging shelves and knocking out walls is a great place to start. Dig out those dusty boxes, open everyone and evaluate whether you really still need those lime green pumps from your sister’s wedding. Are you holding on to kids clothing because it has sentimental value? Is there a place that it could be stored, or perhaps donated, to help others in need? Taking a look at all of your belongings will be a great way to weed out things that are essential, what is nice to have, and what is not needed.  You’ll be making more space for your beautiful new space to come.

Buy matching fixtures for your existing spaces

If you don’t yet have the budget for a closet remodel, take things a step in the right direction by purchasing hardware, fixtures, and hangers that all match. It will make your closet look and feel pulled together until you do the important work of redesign.

Organize things by category and color

Making sense of your personal items will make you feel better about keeping them in order; arranging items by type of garment, color, and frequency of use will help you keep things organized and make your whole storage space look better.

Consider a separate place for shoes.

Shoes are bulky, shoes are hard to manage, and they take up space. A lot of it. If you have a corner of your closet that can be designated only for shoes, let them take up residence there.  Store shoes in clear bins or on racks for ease of use, and resist the temptation to throw them haphazardly to the floor when you come home from work. You’ve gone through the work of organizing them; now let’s keep it that way.

Start with one area and expand.

You don’t have to tear everything apart and rebuild all at once to make your closet look and feel fresh. Choose one area to start with, and consider adding some custom built shelves for bins that store seasonal items, or install an innovative rack of hanging hooks just for purses, scarves, and jewelry. The more you improve, the more you will continue and expand as your space looks and feels better with every change.

Call in professionals to give you design and organizational advice.

You are in this place for a reason—you do not necessarily have the knowledge and expertise to master your organizational space and redesign portions of your home. Luckily, we at DC Cabinets / Closets 941 are masters of custom cabinet design and organization, and we can give you advice on organizing your home on a budget. Whether one closet or many, few shelves or a complete overhaul, we work with you to design the storage spaces that best fit your needs. If you want a home that looks and feels more organized, and is just more fun to live in, contact us today. Visit today for more information on how we can clean up your space and simplify your life!

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