Maximize Your Small Space With Custom Closets

Maximize Your Small Closets

Does your small home need a better a storage solution? If so, you probably could use custom closets.

Whether you’ve recently downsized or are just starting out in a small home, chances are you need an effective way to make better use of your space and effectively organize all of the things you own.

Luckily, DC Cabinets / Closets 941 offers many options that are affordable so that you can start enjoying all the benefits of custom closets in your home. The modular solution to the custom closet makes it easy to implement storage solutions that make the most of small spaces.

Here are 5 ways you can utilize custom closets in your small home to maximize your available space and get better organized:


The good news is, you don’t need a large walk-in closet in order to get all the benefits of a custom closet. In fact, tiny closets often benefit the most from a smart storage solution designed with your small closet in mind.

By adding shelves, drawers, and rows of hanging rods, you can make the most of every inch of closet space available to you . Also, closet accessories like a valet rod, tie rack, belt rack, or pullout hamper can add to your organizational effectiveness.


Has food ever gone to waste in your house because it got lost way back in the deep shelves of your pantry?

If you install drawers and multiple shelves, you can create easy access to everything you need. Adjustable shelving, pull out drawers, and customized spice racks are just some of the solutions that make it simple to keep all your pantry items organized and within reach.


Garages can easily become disorganized and cluttered as they are often used both for storing outdoor items and providing extra storage for overflow from inside the house.

With a customized storage solution in place, you can create designated shelves and drawers for your tools, outdoor sporting gear, landscaping equipment, and other garage items. Plus, you can free up space for extra bins to organize your other household belongings.


If your family room is small, it can easily become messy and disorganized in a matter of minutes.

However, with a customized entertainment center and other shelving and drawer options, it’s easy to create spaces for all your games, decorations, books, and electronics. The right storage solution will make it easy to hide away the clutter so your guests can focus on your most prized family items that are on display.


Small homes that are lucky enough to have a spare room often have to use the space to store various items.  For example, the room that is your home office during the week may be needed as the guest bedroom on the weekend.

Installing a custom closet makes it easy to transition your spare room for all its different purposes. Having the right system of drawers and shelves in place makes it easy to keep the space organized for all the room’s needs. For example, open shelves offer your guests a place to keep their items during their stay, while certain drawers can hold your office supplies.

To find out more about how DC Cabinets / Closets 941 can create an affordable customized storage solution for your small home, visit us on the web at and get a free closet design.

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