How A Mudroom Will Revolutionize Your Living Space


Very few of us would say that we have adequate storage space in our homes. While we do the best with the space we have, there always seems to be room for improvement as we find ourselves managing sentimental items, clothing, and other possessions that must be stored.

One common complaint of many homeowners is that they do not have adequate space for storage of outdoor garments. The concept of a mudroom has long been coveted by those that do no not have this innovative storage space, while those that are lucky enough to utilize a mudroom on a daily basis regularly sing its praises.  Just what is it that a mudroom brings to daily living that we cannot live without once we have tasted the organizational fruits of such a space?  Let’s read on to see how a mudroom will revolutionize your space and help to simplify your life:

A mudroom is a term used to describe a “pass-through” space that bridges the outside of your home and your living space. Contrary to their name, they are not dark, dirty, and dingy places of disorganized chaos. Quite often, mudrooms can be a beautiful and functional control hub that maximizes creative use of space while taking home organization to the next level of efficiency.  With some innovative design, a little use of color, and a vision for how you want to use this space, it can be a wonderful addition to your home.

A mudroom can facilitate difficult cleaning projects   

When your kids come trampling into the house after an expedition through a muddy yard, do you ever find yourself wanting perfect place for them to peel off their adventure-seeking clothing?  A large basin in a mudroom is the perfect place for collecting hard to clean items that you don’t necessarily have the time to deal with promptly. It can be a great place for watering plants, spot treating laundry, and helping clean off the aftermath of those messy weekend craft projects.  Consider installing a basin in this space for easy cleanup of all types of daily living messes.

A mudroom is a perfect place to deal with laundry

Combining your mudroom concept with a laundry room gives you a great space for cleaning, caring for, and even storing laundry until it can be put away. Stackable washers and dryers make room for customized cabinets that can store hanging clothes; additional pull out shelves and rods and other fixtures that make clothing organization a snap. There is no need to trip over laundry baskets of clothes that are difficult to deal with. You can wash, dry, fold and iron clothes all in the same inviting and organized space.

A mudroom is a perfect location for outdoor gear

One can never have enough space for shoes, coats, hats, gloves, etc. Your mudroom can be the ideal place for organized storage of all the essential clothing you need to enjoy the outdoors. Store items seasonally or by family member; the sky is the limit when it comes to how you want to use the space creatively to make sense of all of your seasonal wear. Hanging cupboards lend themselves perfectly to jackets, snow pants, and even your best outer evening wear, while sliding racks or pull out drawers can conceal and maximize storage space for shoes, boots, and other footwear. Don’t forget to make room for school items like backpacks and lunchboxes to make organization lessons easy for the kids. Now if they could just keep it as clean as you want it!

A mudroom is a great place for pet and household cleaning items

There is no ideal place for a litter box or a kennel, but a mudroom is an excellent place to store things that you don’t necessarily want to be a part of your living space. Storing cleaning items in this space will give you easy access while keeping them concealed from young ones in your home that might be harmed by these potentially toxic substances. Extra cabinet space makes your mudroom a good place for overflow stock items like paper towels, toilet paper, and even canned goods. Make creative use of your space and design it to fit your unique needs.

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