Create A Beautiful Space With These Innovative Custom Closet Ideas

Custom Closet

If you are occupying a small space these days, or if you find that closet space is at a premium in your home, you have the unique challenge of keeping everything organized and accounted for without adequate storage space to do so. When closet space is too small to meet the demands of a growing family, storing clothing, accessories and other personal items can be difficult, if not downright impossible. 

Have you considered customizing your closet space to fit your needs? Talented professionals that specialize in designing and building customized space that fits your living space can revolutionize the way you organize your home. And we all realize how important it is to live in an organized space, don’t we?

If you struggle with this storage space issue, there is no need to fret–here are some innovative custom closet ideas to keep all of your personal effects, cherished mementos, and other household items at arm’s reach and gloriously organized. Consider giving yourself a closet space upgrade with these simple design ideas:

Think vertical.

Many people simply do not make the most of their vertical space. Most consider anything above the hanging rod dead or empty space. This is prime real estate for infrequently used items or seasonal clothing to take up residence while you go through things that are more frequently visited. Add high adjustable shelves for easy storage, and store items in stackable bins that can easily be seen and accessed if the need arises. Pull out wire bins for the bottom of your closet can be installed beneath shorter hanging items; this is perfect for things like shoes, belts, purses, etc. When it comes to organization, the sky’s the limit–and apparently the floor, too!

Keep it within arm’s reach.

One of the main reasons people request a custom closet is to be able to access everything easily. Add open shelving for easy access to things like shoes, bags, and purses. Open shelves are very sheik and manageable, and they also work well in other areas of the house needing additional storage, like laundry rooms, media rooms, and cleaning closets. Pull out wire bins, belt and tie racks, and jewelry dressers keep all of your accessories neat and organized, all while within easy reach. When you can see and have access to everything, getting dressed is a snap.

Install custom bins and drawers.

While you may not know what options are open to you with regard to custom bins and drawers, your closet design professionals will. Customizable bins and drawers can hide infrequent use items and put some of your more unsightly collections discreetly behind closed doors. After all, you wouldn’t want someone peeking into your customized closet and seeing all of your dirty laundry! 

Install sliding doors.

Sliding or hidden doors are a real space saver. There is no need to accommodate the outward or inward swing that a traditional door requires, and the look of your customized sliding door will be beautiful and practical at the same time. 

Leave space for some random hooks for odd items.

No matter how well organized our closet space may be, there are always those things that we need to store that really don’t have any place to go. Grandma’s old shawl that you just can’t part with, Uncle Fred’s hat, a set of costume jewelry that is too big, too tawdry, to tuck into your jewelry armoire—whatever those pieces are, you can display them proudly on your sturdy hooks that are as fashionable as they are functional. Pull the whole look of your closet together by installing them in a geometric or balanced pattern for a complete and finished look.

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