5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets in Your Home

Everyone knows that the kitchen is a major focal point of a home. The appeal and impression of one’s kitchen can speak volumes to your family, guests, and potential buyers. However, because the kitchen area is used for food preparation, meal time and other gatherings, this space is often overlooked when it comes to home renovation. It is for these reasons upgrading your cabinetry with custom cabinets could be one of the best investments you can make in your home. Updating your kitchen cabinetry has several benefits including improving your kitchen’s appearance, customization, durability, functionality, and increasing your return on investment.

  1. Design Your Kitchen to fit Your Personality
    One of the most significant benefits of upgrading your kitchen cabinets is that you can customize your kitchen the way you want. There are a wide variety of options that will showcase your taste and personality, allowing you to be creative when choosing kitchen cabinets. Everything from the outside of the cabinet to the inside is all about you. If you are uncertain of your choices, consider discussing your cabinetry needs with a consultant. He or she can assist you in finding the perfect cabinets and the right features for your kitchen.
  2. Have An Up To Date Kitchen
    Cabinets a few decades old? Maybe even more? If your cabinetry is faded or worn down from years of use you can change the entire appearance of your kitchen by installing custom cabinets. With the many combinations currently available you are sure to discover an ideal style, color and fit for your needs. A simple cabinetry upgrade can bring your kitchen into the present and will have it looking its best.
  3. Functionality and Form
    If your cabinets are merely a few shelves behind a door and you would prefer some much-needed functionality out of your cabinet space, you should consider upgrading your cabinets that can offer the features your kitchen deserves. These days, custom cabinets provide many options, including plate holders and knife racks to keep your delicate china protected and your knives sharpened. There are different cabinet door materials to choose from. In addition, there are pull-out shelves and shelves on the doors, creating more storage space. Of course, there are also specialty-built shelves to hold silverware, spices, and wine. Even your trash and recycling bins can receive the upgrade treatment with slide-out baskets, keeping them hidden, yet, handy.
  4. Durability that Lasts
    When it comes to most cabinets, many are quickly built on an assembly line. However, custom cabinets, are handmade by skilled craftsmen. Because quality is of the utmost importance, high-quality materials are used during the building process including hardwoods: cherry, maple, birch, walnut, hickory, and pecan. The joints require dovetail, dowel, or mortise and tenon versus your standard cabinetry that uses glue, nails, and screws. With the attention on vital details, these cabinets are built to last.
  5. Money in the Bank
    Of course, if your purpose of upgrading to custom cabinets is a potential sale of your home, the kitchen is one of the top remodels that will have a high return on your investment. According to HGTV.com, a homeowner can expect up to 70% return on investment with a kitchen renovation. A specialist or consultant can recommend the styles and features that are popular and desired by homebuyers.

Investing in Custom Cabinets
Upgrading your cabinets to match a more customized style will make your kitchen feel more like your own. Although it can be a long process, custom cabinets provide people with more space and a more home-like feel. In addition, it is a great investment both for your family and home. If you are looking to upgrade your space, get in touch with a professional at DC Cabinets / Closets941 who is experienced in these kinds of projects. There are many benefits to using an expert kitchen contractor. The process will be fun and easy, your kitchen will look beautiful and you’ll be happy too.

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