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Customized Closets Designed for Women

At Closets 941 located in Sarasota and Bradenton, Fla., we are able to customize closets for the specialized needs of women. Our adjustable closet modification and organization systems are perfect for creating a bedroom closet for women. Instead of having only one clothing rod inside a closet, a woman might prefer multiple clothing rods to hold different lengths of garments. For long dresses, we can create a small rod that keeps the garments from touching the floor. In addition, it is possible to have several clothing rods to hold skirts, jackets or blouses in an organized way to make getting dressed easier and faster.

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Women who love footwear can request shelving systems from Closets 941 to hold boots with long shafts, high-heeled shoes or athletic sneakers. To keep a woman’s precious and costume jewelry from tangling inside a dresser drawer, request a custom-made jewelry holder or box that holds necklaces, rings and bra

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Spring Clean your Closet with A New Organizing System

Spring is approaching quickly, so you may be planning to do some detailed cleaning. Fortunately, focusing on your closet is a great place to start, since it is a key part of your home. Using this guide, you will see how a new organizing system for your closet can improve the look and value of your home.


When choosing your closet design, opt for sections that are perfectly suited to specific clothing pieces. Incorporate extra spacing in sections to accommodate longer items, such as dresses, coats, and full suits.

For sweaters, add sweater boxes to your closet design. These compartments allow you to store folded sweaters neatly, reducing the amount of hanging space you need. This also protects your sweaters from the harsh stretching of hangers.


Jewelry cases are now popular options to be built into your closet design. Also, specialized compartments for handbags, belts, ties, and other accessories are key to

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Whether it’s shoes, clothing or accessories, there are many items that women enjoy keeping in their closet. One way to make sure everything is organized is to let Closets 941 build a space with shelves and other compartments that will have everything in one place. Each closet can be customized with the colors that you want and the hardware that you want to see on the drawers and cabinets that are installed. Most closets can be built into rooms of any size, adding extra space that you might not think was possible. Flooring in the closet can also be done in various ways, such as hardwood or laminate.

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