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Eliminate Clutter

At Closets 941 in Bradenton, Fla., our main goal is to help our customers eliminate the clutter in their homes. A messy home leads to stress and also makes it easier for rodents and insects to hide. Having an organized closet is a time-saver because our clients do not need to search for a needed item. Most homes and apartments are built without functional closets, and our clients must stack numerous possessions on a few shelves. A clothing closet in a bedroom may have only one rod that is at the wrong height, making it difficult to organize shirts, slacks and dresses.

Organize Closets

When customers contact us at Closets 941, they are frustrated with the closets inside a home and want to solve the problem quickly. Our technicians are able to obtain measurements and create an organizational system for closets in only a few days. With customized inserts and designs from Closets 941, our customers are able to adjust and move rods and shelves as their needs change. Thi

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Control a Home’s Clutter

At Closets 941 with locations in Sarasota and Bradenton, we are dedicated to helping our customers’ control a home’s clutter with the highest quality closet inserts and designs. Your home might have bedroom, hallway and bathroom closets that are poorly arranged, making it difficult to remain organized, but Closets 941 is a factory direct manufacturer of organizational closet systems.

Modifiable Systems

While many closet organizing systems are permanent structures, our technicians design shelves for closets that are simple to modify as our clients’ lifestyles change. This means that if a new baby is brought home, a customer can convert a closet system used for sport equipment into a new arrangement that is appropriate for an infant. Instead of having a home that is cluttered with baby blankets, diapers and clothing, a modifiable closet system keeps new parents organized.

Easier to Clean

Having organized closets helps to make a home look better, rem

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