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Get Organized

Get Organized

If you live in Bradenton or Sarasota, Fla., then contact us at Closets 941 today to customize a home’s closets. Selling a home is not always easy in a competitive real estate market, but by enhancing the storage space in homes, the property has a higher value. Potential buyers of a home want to have organized closets in bedrooms and hallways. With the right systems, the smallest closet is more functional, making it easier to store and find items. The customized organization systems created by the engineers working for us at Closets 941 are attractive and increase the value of your property.

Enhance Decor

You might choose to have systems stained the same color as floorboards to make a room look more beautiful. Alternatively, it is possible to have the systems painted any color you choose to create an attractive décor. One of the most important features of the closet organizing systems created by us at Closets 941 is that customers can change and rearrange shelving or

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4 Ways Custom Shelving Helps to Organize Your Pantry

If your pantry is overcrowded and unorganized, customized shelving can create an orderly storage area. Depending on the size of your pantry, you can choose from various styles of shelving and compartments to keep things in place and easy to find. Here are a few convenient ways that shelving can maximize your closet space.


An attractive pantry is more inviting to work with. It makes food or equipment easier to find. You’ll love the neat look of a storage area where everything has its place.


With custom shelving, you can arrange storage items in the order that best fits your usage. For example, smaller items can be clustered in bins near the front, with larger or less-used items in the back or on top shelves. You can color-code items, too.

Space saver.

Shelves, bins, and compartments make it easy to stack, store, and fit things close together to utilize space wisely. Some items can be stacked for greater efficiency.


Keeping your stored items in

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